Growth and Leadership

The Board is pleased to announce that Anna Higginbottom has been named Deputy Executive Director, and will be serving a five-month Internship in Milk Bank Leadership, concurrent with a project to create a curriculum in Milk Bank Leadership under the guidance of the Human Milk Banking Association of North America. This project, funded by a grant from the John Bower Foundation, aims to help standardize training for directors of non-profit milk banks, and will include business, management, and leadership aspects, as well as scientific and practical aspects of managing the pasteurization process. Anna has a background in both healthcare and medical social work, and began as a pasteurization technician in February 2016. She quickly realized that milk banking is her calling. She was already cross-trained in screening donor moms and many other aspects of the job, and is looking forward to her new responsibilities. Her email address is

We are also pleased to announce that Francis De la Rosa has been named Laboratory Supervisor. She has a background in applied chemistry, and started with us in March 2016. Her additional responsibilities will include training new pasteurization techs and lab equipment maintenance. Her email address is Orders should still be sent to